Auto and Vehicle Insurance to Protect Your Mobile Lifestyle.

Auto insurance – collision, comprehensive, liability, road serviceYour vehicle is a central part of your lifestyle. It is your connection between all of the important places you go every day. You need car insurance, both by Minnesota law and because you need to protect your investment in your mobility and independence.

McAlpin Agency, Inc. features a full line of Personal Automobile Insurance products. We offer Preferred, Standard, Risk, Antique Auto, and Motor Home coverages from many of the largest insurance companies. We will create the perfect insurance plan for you that is tailored to the precise coverage you need. A few common coverage types include:

  • Liability coverage – this covers your legal liability to others for property damage or bodily injury. Liability costs can skyrocket, so this coverage helps shield you from that possibility.
  • Personal Injury protection
  • Un-/Under-Insured Motorists
  • Collision coverage – pays for damage to your vehicle from car crashes.
  • Comprehensive coverage – pays for damage due to anything other than a crash. This includes full glass coverage.
  • Road trouble service – for service on potential vehicle problems when you’re on the road. You don’t have to be alone on the side of the road.
  • Rental Reimbursement coverage – helps defray rental car costs you might incur while your auto is being repaired.
  • Lease/loan gap coverage – this coverage protects you if the cash value of your vehicle is less than the amount you owe, at the time of an accident. You won’t have to pay this gap yourself.

You can drive with confidence knowing that you are well taken care of. Call us at 763-788-9274 or contact us today and we’ll provide you with our experience-backed recommendations on the type and amount of auto insurance coverage options that are right for you. And we can explore cost savings for you by reviewing a package plan with your homeowners’ insurance policy to get a multi-policy discount.