In Business, Expertise is Key. So Insure with Experts.

Business insurance – property, commercial general liability, workers compensation, commercial autoYou’ve worked hard to grow your business and develop the expertise needed for your success. When insuring your investment of time, money, and sweat equity, make sure you work with experts in business coverage. It’s far more complex than just expanding your basic property insurance coverage. Let the McAlpin Agency experts ensure that your business is properly covered for all needs, whether you’re a dealership covering cars in your sales lot or a restaurant protecting yourself against potential customer injury.

Our staff has the experience to tailor a package with the specific coverage to meet your insurance needs. This can include a wide variety of coverages, though not every business needs every type.

Property Insurance

This covers buildings, equipment, inventory, and business interruption, which covers lost income if your business can’t operate due to a covered loss. It’s especially important if you own a storefront or house a lot of inventory in one place.

Liability Insurance

This protects you in case a customer is injured on your property. It can also guard against legal costs if your product causes harm to a user. If your workers are in direct contact with customers, you may need liability coverage.

Workers’ Compensation

This will cover you in case workers incur medical expenses and lost wages after being injured at work. Minnesota requires your business have this insurance, so let us help you determine the right levels.

Commercial Auto

Whether you or your workers use a company-owned vehicle or drive their own car for business, you need commercial auto. Personal insurance coverage can’t be relied on to cover accidents in the course of business.

These are some of the main types of insurance, but we can also work with you to determine if you need coverage for others:

  • Disability – covers a disabling injury or illness that could impact your business’s ability to continue
  • Health – covers you and your workers’ health and can be impacted by the Affordable Care Act
  • Life – to meet your family’s monetary needs in case of untimely death; many lenders require this before granting a business loan
  • Key Person – a type of life insurance where your business is the beneficiary in case of a death for an integral individual in the company
  • Errors and Omissions – a type of liability insurance for those who give advice or deliver services, in case a customer is adversely affected by an error in information

As you can see, determining the right insurance for your business can be very intricate. Don’t trust just any agent to understand these complexities. Contact us or call 763-788-9274 today so we can create a business insurance plan customized for your best interests.