Specialty Lines

Specialty insurance – motorcycle, boat, ATV, off road vehicle, snowmobile, recreational vehicle, camper, motorhome, personal watercraft, jet ski, golf carts, fish housesInsure your fun

There’s nothing more fun than the freedom of a fast snowmobile ride across a snow-covered meadow or taking off to anywhere with your family RV. You’ve got a lot of choices for freedom and fun – an ATV on a trail through the woods, a motorcycle rolling down the open road, a golf cart to help you perfect your game. All the water in the Midwest gives you even more options – a fish house for winter recreation, a boat for sailing, fishing, or water-skiing, personal watercraft like canoes, kayaks, or jet skis for a trip along the shoreline.

But along with this freedom comes the responsibility of caring for and protecting these unique vehicles. You can’t rely on your Homeowner’s Insurance. Just like your auto, you need a policy to insure against accident, damage, theft, and liability. But because these are not cars, they may demand a different level of protection. The McAlpin Agency’s expert agents will work with you to tailor a plan suited to meet your specific budget and coverage needs.

Don’t let an unfortunate accident ruin your fun. Insure against trouble by contacting us or calling 763-788-9274 today so we can your good times can roll on and on.